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Nowa kolekcja #2 - Frontage

Od 1 grudnia do Wigilii uruchomiliśmy naszą nową kolekcję Frontage. Każdy dzień nowego projektu i historię kryjącą się za każdą tapetą zaprezentowano tutaj.
Wall Mural Frontage

Updated Morroccan




Marrakech is an energizing and inviting wallpaper full of colors and warmth. The inspiration comes from the hot regions of Morocco. This wallpaper is lighter and more easygoing than the more dramatic and spicy color palette traditionally associated witch Moroccan patterns. It will look perfect in a room decorated with colorful lanterns and bright cushions.


Don't miss our other wallpapers inspired by Morrocco; Havanna and Marrakech Black. On Havanna the pattern is mixed up with white tiles. Marrakech Black, which was the twelfth wallpaper in our Christmas countdown, is a black and white version of Marrakech.



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Updated Morroccan  - Interior
Updated Morroccan  - Wallpaper

Afternoon tea in the mess hall




This wooden panel comes from the old military quarters in our hometown of Borås. It's where the soldiers had their dinner every night. Some years ago the venue was turned into a restaurant but it's still preserved in almost original condition. Today you can have Sunday brunch and Afternoon tea even though you're not a soldier.


We really like this panel, so much in fact; we had to make it in white as well. Which on do you prefer?



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Afternoon tea in the mess hall - Interior
Afternoon tea in the mess hall - Wallpaper

Structured and strong




We have several wallpapers featuring metal and even more wallpapers featuring wood. Here the wood is structured with metal squares. We love the timeless mix of wood made by nature and manmade steel.  


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Structured and strong - Interior
Structured and strong - Wallpaper

Divine Composition




Ratio is wallpaper with geometrical design in minimalistic greys. The pattern is based on the mathematical principle often referred to as divine composition or the golden ratio.  


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Divine Composition - Interior
Divine Composition - Wallpaper

Like an open book




The desire to curl up with a good book gets stronger in the cold winter. Vintage books, inside is the perfect wallpaper for your favorite reading spot. Whether you like to read in bed, on the couch or in your study, this calm and comfy wallpaper will be perfect.


The fourth wallpaper in our Christmas calendar was a wallpaper with amazing book covers. It wasn't just the covers that where beautiful, because this is the insides of the same books.


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Like an open book - Interior
Like an open book - Wallpaper

Walls of steel



This wallpaper picturing a scratched, metal clad, surface is yet another take on the industrial style. We wouldn't go so far as to say that this wallpaper is warm and cozy. But its cool facade enhances the contrast between soft and hard, warm and cold. Combined with big soft blankets and pillows it will feel like home. Or keep the cool industrial style if you dare to be edgy.


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Walls of steel - Interior
Walls of steel - Wallpaper

Stripped and unfinished




This wall exists at our favorite café. When they renovated and stripped the wall off the layers of wallpapers and paint this beautiful surface emerged. The wall looked so good they kept it the way it is. Since it has become a great source of inspiration to us it was only fitting that we should share it. We booked a photo shoot and the wallpaper Battered Wall came to be. It looks just as nice at the café as it does at home. Where would you hang it?


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Stripped and unfinished  - Interior
Stripped and unfinished  - Wallpaper

Solid concrete




Continuing with inspiration for industrial interior design, we have this classic trellis patterned wallpaper. Updated into a sturdy concrete wall. The trellis pattern is a recurrent theme in wallpaper history. But the combination with unyielding concrete gives it a whole different style.


The wallpaper comes in two shades. The original Concrete Trellis has a slight yellowy tone but also comes in the black and white version Concrete Trellis, grey.



Go to the wallpaper Concrete Trellis -> 

Solid concrete - Interior
Solid concrete - Wallpaper

Unfinished and rough surfaces




Decorate in an industrial style! Stripped, raw and rugged. Mix white, gray and black with this raw metal wallpaper. A style where the details are meant to be rough and unfinished are quite liberating.


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Unfinished and rough surfaces - Interior
Unfinished and rough surfaces - Wallpaper

Knock on wood




Nature seems to be an increasing source of inspiration to interior designers and architects. We ourselves like the rustic and cozy wallpaper Boards. But the bare wood-trend is more versatile then you might first have guessed. There are so many different types of woods. If you don't like the cabin look that pinewoods then perhaps oak or plywood is something for you?


Here you can fins more woody wallpapers, Wooden Frames, Horizontal boards, Wooden Slats, Panel.



Go to the wallpaper Boards -> 

Knock on wood - Interior
Knock on wood - Wallpaper

Faux Marble Wallpaper



Right now marble is a big trend in both interior design and fashion. This pattern is a different take on the same stony theme. Made with a special handmade marbling technique it's a bit darker and more dramatic than the more common bright marble.


Also available in the lighter version Flow, white.
If you are looking for a more classic marble wallpaper there's Marble Tiles.


Some patterns will not come into their own until they are at full scale. On our product pages there's always a pattern close up where the details are shown. Follow the link bellow if you want a closer look at Flow.  


Go to the wallpaper Flow ->

Faux Marble Wallpaper - Interior
Faux Marble Wallpaper - Wallpaper

From a different view



This is a vintage ceiling plate salvaged from the first bank of Woodstock Ontario, Canada. This wallpaper actually shows the back of the plate. During the photo shoot we realized that the plate was equally beautiful from behind. We felt that it deserved to be a part of our Frontage collection. Are you curious about how the front looks you can find the wallpaper Tin Plates Ontario here.


And as you might remember, its American cousin Tin Plates Nebraska was the second wallpaper of our Christmas countdown.



Got to the wallpaper Tin Plates Ontario, Black ->

From a different view - Interior
From a different view - Wallpaper

Black and white tiles




You can create endless variety with Marrakech-inspired tiles that fit perfectly on the floor and wall as well as in the ceiling. Even though this wallpaper features bold patterns it comes of as quite elegant and suits most homes. It can also be combined with plain white tiles to create your personal version.


Go to the wallpaper Marrakech -> 

Black and white tiles - Interior
Black and white tiles - Wallpaper

Geometric and organic puzzles




The original of the wallpaper Hexagon is a photograph of the ground of Passeig de Gracia, a boulevard in Barcelona. Just like several buildings on the boulevard the paving stones are designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926). Gaudís architecture is considered to be art nouveau but his unique aesthetics has made an impression in many different architectural styles. He often mixed geometrical patterns with inspiration from religion and the sea. Organic forms such as seashells often recurs in ceilings, stairs and constructions. Or as in the case of the paving stones of Passeig de Gracia, joint together with geometrical hexagons.


The pattern is lovely to walk on but could also be perfect as a ceiling wallpaper. Where would you place it?


Go to the wallpaper Hexagon ->

Geometric and organic puzzles  - Interior
Geometric and organic puzzles  - Wallpaper

Still standing



This drawing was found hidden away in an antique bookshop. The beautiful drawing pictures the city hall of Paris fourth district. The building was drawn in 1872 and is still standing. You can even see it on Google Maps street view.


If you like the style of Mairie, don´t miss the wallpapers Hotel Hachette and Hotel Des Ventes. Or Architect, which was the first wallpaper to be featured in our Christmas calendar. All four wallpapers come in two shades; Black and White and of course Vintage, which looks just like the bleached and worn originals.


Go to the wallpaper Mairie ->


Still standing - Interior
Still standing - Wallpaper

Patinated Diamonds




If you take a look at our Frontage collection you will see that it holds several wallpapers with aged surfaces. We believe that there is great beauty in cracked and crumbling spaces. Patinated Diamonds illustrates that beauty well. The motif of the wallpaper is blue harlequin-squares. Their sharp edges stands in contrast to the soft scuffings, which slowly polishes away the sharpness.  


Go to the wallpaper Patinated Diamonds  ->  

Patinated Diamonds - Interior





The boxes are originally a part of a bench used at our local flower shop. We discovered the potential of the bench a Friday afternoon buying flowers for the weekend. After some magic in the design studio the bench grew up to be a wallpaper.


Go to the wallpaper Archive ->  

Archive - Interior
Archive - Wallpaper

Paper work





A late Friday afternoon our designer Johanna decided to do some paper work. It is more fun than it sounds. She made a collage out of blank papers, book pages, colors and glue. There were even some paper towels involved. And with a little digital adaptation it made a beautiful wallpaper.



Go to the wallpaper Paper Art ->  

Paper work - Interior
Paper work - Wallpaper

Woven colors




The wallpaper Dream Weaver has a hand-painted design from one of our designers in New York. The watercolors are woven together into a faded wallpaper design, perfect for both bedrooms and living rooms. The pattern is repeatable and can be made as wide as you want to. This is a great wallpaper for thinking outside the box, why not hang it sideways or upside down. For those who want less color it also comes in black and white, which gives it a whole other look/feeling.


Go to the wallpaper Dream Weaver ->

Woven colors - Interior
Woven colors - Wallpaper

Old boxes, new design




A while ago we stumbled upon an interesting interior photograph on the web. The photograph featured a restaurant with a fantastic wall of old wooden crates and boxes.
With a little detective work we managed to track down the restaurant and its owner Armen. A little bit perplexed and surprised (it's not every day that you get a call from oddball Swedes that want to make your restaurant into a wallpaper design.) Armen agreed to let us photograph the wall and make it into wallpaper. The crates are real boxes collected from all over California. If you happen to be in L.A. and are hungry for urban French cuisine, you simply must visit the lovely restaurant sharing the name with our wallpaper design; Industriel Urban Farm L.A.

Go to the wallpaper Industriel Urban Farm L.A., vintage ->    

Old boxes, new design - Interior
Industriel Urban Farm L.A., vintage
Old boxes, new design - Wallpaper

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand




There is something very comforting and calming about books. Even if you aren't that keen on reading, you have to admit that they are beautiful to look at. We borrowed these well-read books from a friend that shares our love of books. The promise we made to the owner was to make him proud and to bring them home safe. And that we did!


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A book is a dream that you hold in your hand - Interior
Vintage Books, cover
A book is a dream that you hold in your hand - Wallpaper

Rusted beauty from the textile industry




Sometimes you don't need to go far to find inspiration. This is an actual frontage of a building called Simonsland located in our hometown of Borås. The building is an old textile factory that today hosts a design hub for new students. The metal plates are punchcards for old textile weaving machines. If the punchcards were to be woven it would create scissors for shearing wool, which is the city arms of Borås.


Go to the wallpaper Punch Cards -> 

Rusted beauty from the textile industry  - Interior
Punch Cards
Rusted beauty from the textile industry  - Wallpaper

Antique ceiling tins




Our wallpaper Tin Plates Nebraska pictures antique ceiling tin tiles. These beautiful tiles are from 1910 and were salvaged from a beautiful old apothecary in Nebraska USA. The tiles were popular in the 1890 - 1920's, especially in the US. They were a fireproof alternative to that timeperiods elaborately designed stucco ceilings, traditionally made in plaster or hand carved wood. Today the ceiling tiles are in high demand once again. You can get newly made tiles but we believe these time stained tiles are the most beautiful.  


Go to the wallpaper Tin Plates Nebraska, white -> 

Antique ceiling tins - Interior
Tin Plates Nebraska, white
Antique ceiling tins - Wallpaper

Parisian architecture on the walls




In a small antique bookshop in the streets of Barcelona we found these beautiful facade drawings hidden away in a box. We couldn't help but to fall head over heals for these elegant and incredibly detailed hand painted drawings. They were drawn by a architectural firm in Paris. How they ended up in Barcelona we don´t know, but now they can find a new home, in the shape of wallpapers with you. The motifs are facades and buildings; some of which still exists and some that were never built. If you take a strol down Rue Drouot or Rue Roissini in Paris you will pass one of the buildings.


Go to the wallpaper Architect -> 

Parisian architecture on the walls - Interior
Parisian architecture on the walls - Wallpaper